Five steps to achieve telekinesis

5 steps to achieve telekinesis

You are laying down on the couch, and the remote control is on the table, you desperately need it to change the channel, but the couch captured you, and it does not want to release you. Try to stretch your hand toward the remote and start to think how amazing would be if you possess the power of Darth Vader or Sylar in the Heroes series. You can achieve telekinesis only with strong will and determination. The next 5 steps will guide you through the process.

Sylar telekinesis


The main factor to achieve telekinesis is to master meditation. Meditation is something that anyone can do. Go in your room and make sure that nobody will disturb you for some time. Turn the lights down and find a comfortable place where you can lie or sit. It is ok to use your bed, but you can also buy a meditation chair which can be found here. This chair will do the job more that you expect. It is made for the purpose you are here, and if you ask me, it is the best thing to start with. It is practical, well designed and most important, it is cheap and comfortable.

Enough talk, let’s start meditating. Sit on your chair in a good and comfortable position and close your eyes. Don’t think how to relax and don’t try to control your breathing. Thinking of relaxing and breathing will lower your concentration and ruin your meditation session. Just focus on your natural breathing and feel the relaxation comes with every breath you exhale. Just imagine that with every breath you exhale you release all the tension stored in you. Meditation needs practice, don’t expect to be super relaxed after the first session. With time you will learn it. Most important is not to give up and you will be one step closer to telekinesis.

You must believe it if you want success

Believing is a serious obstacle for many. People try to achieve something, yet they do not believe it. No!!! You cannot do it if you do not believe it. Get rid of all your suspicions and believe that everything is possible and that you can do everything, even telekinesis.

Try to visualize

Visualization is also one of the main factors to achieve telekinesis and not only telekinesis but to achieve any goal that you have ever thought of. While trying and concentrating on the object that you want to move, you need to visualize that the object is moving. Feel the object, think of it as a living thing that is part of you. Can you move your hands and legs? What is stopping you from moving your hand? That is right, nothing. Don’t think of it, don’t try, just move it. Feel your energy and mix it with the energy of the object, visualize your energy as a blue cloud and the energy of the object as a yellow cloud. Combine the energies and make them one, a part of you which only you can control.

You must practice it

You need to practice. Anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes per day is more than enough. After some time you will start to feel how your ability is starting to grow. You will sense the power of the energy, and you will start to feel the object. You cannot achieve telekinesis in one or two days. Sometimes it takes years to make it, and sometimes few weeks, it depends on how much you try and how badly do you want it. Remember, the more you practice, the stronger you become. Practice makes it perfect! Be patient and don’t give up!

Yoda Telekinesis

Concentration, the last step to achieve telekinesis

If you can not concentrate, then don’t try it. Practice concentration, focus on the object and don’t think of anything else. I will describe in short lines how to learn to concentrate.

1. Turn off all electronic devices because the sound may disturb you.
2. Don’t worry about time, just practice.
3. Learn as much as you can and try new techniques.
4. One thing at a time.

I guarantee you that after learning and practicing these steps, you will understand the energy and learn how powerful it can be.

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