Electrokinesis, the power to control electricity


Electrokinesis is the ability to control the electric powers, with your mind. By controlling the electric powers, we refer to controlling the electric currents, electric charges, and electromagnetism. Those who can control electricity can create different shapes and store it in their bodies; later they can use it for some particular purpose.

Electrokinesis, is it real?

There is a guy in Serbia called Biba Struja who has the ability to store energy and then use it at his will. The battery man can also withstand massive electric shocks. Biba is also using his gift for good purposes. He is helping people with conditions such as arthritis, atrophy, nerves and muscle pain. He has no hair on his body because of his super power, and his fingernails are charred.

Electricity in humans

There are many other cases where there is evidence that man can control electricity and every one of us has at some time felt the electric charge of our bodies. The human body generates enough electricity to power a mobile phone. This is why very often when we touch a metallic surface we feel a charge. It happens because of electrons that you have collected jump to the surface that you touch, surface like doorknob, car, etc.

Can other people control electricity?

If you believe you can be someone who can control electricity, there are several practices you can do. As with all other psychokinetic abilities, you must always stay calm and meditate. Focus on the subject you would like to control and think of it. Know the sounds it produces and the appearance of it. In this case, the subject is electricity.  You should imagine that you have the power of electrokinesis and that you can control the current. Then you can eventually try to project the energy you have on to an object or an appliance.

How to feel the electric charge?

If becoming a master of electric currents and charges is not your intention, there is a much easier way to produce electricity with your body. You can rub your hands on to a blanket or a rug, by doing this you are picking up the extra electrons and have a negative charge. Then you should touch a conductor. Conductors are materials that allow the flow of electricity in one or more directions, something like doorknob, car, mostly metal. This can also happen when you touch another human.

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