Hydrokinesis Training, Manipulating with water

Hydrokinesis training

Hydrokinesis or the ability to manipulate with water can be trained even by someone who hears the word for the first time. The basic hydrokinesis training can help you change the course of a running liquid, usually water. While bending the water is by some considered to be hydrokinesis, this is more of a telekinesis. But hydrokinesis is actually part of the telekinetic abilities. Our bodies consist mostly of water and this makes it easier for us to control water. To achieve hydrokinesis one must as with all the telekinetic abilities to be patient, do a lot of practice, and never give up. Activities that improve concentration and relax should also be practiced before hydrokinesis training.

Water connection

There are many different exercises to start your hydrokinesis training. Most of the exercises will include a bowl of water. So before starting the actual training, you can try the following exercises. Fill a bowl with water and place it in front of you, now put a finger inside and focus. Try to connect with the water, try to feel the energy of the water. Become one with the water. Do this on daily basis to achieve a better connection with water.

Basic Hydrokinesis Training

One of the simplest training is to take a bowl of water or fill the sink with water and place an object inside. The object should be something that floats, so you can go with a piece of paper, cork, a hollow plastic ball or whatever you decide, but it should float. Once you have placed an object in the water, try to concentrate, maybe meditate a little. Now you should start to visualize a current in the water. Try to navigate the current. Send the current towards the object so the object can start moving.
Another exercise requires even less equipment than the first. The only thing you need for this second one is a bowl of water. Place it before you, concentrate and then start to visualize currents in the water; try to create them with your mind. If it makes it easier you can do this while moving your hands around the bowl in the direction you would like the currents to go. Creating whirlpool only with the power of your mind is probably one of the coolest things to do.

Advanced Hydrokinesis Training

More advanced hydrokinesis training is manipulating the temperature of the water and changing of the state of the water. One exercise for advanced hydrokinetics is to open your hand before you and try to visualize the water in the air. Try to change the state of the water in the air and make it fall upon your hand. Changing the state of the water from liquid to ice is probably one of the most difficult to perform and it will take you years of training.

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