Levitation, can humans fly?


The word levitation is derived from the Latin word Levitas, which means lightness, to be light. As suggested in the name the process of levitation means to become lighter and escape the pull of gravity. To be more specific about it, we should say that levitation requires a force that will oppose the pull of gravity in order to raise an object from the ground, without any mechanical support.
Levitation explained by parapsychologist is the process of rising your body or other objects only by your will. The state of self-elevating is not only the subject of parapsychology, but it is part of the doctrine of many religions. Gods in the ancient Egyptian, Persian, Sumerian, Greek, Roman and Nordic use their abilities to levitate and fly. But when it comes to levitating deities Hindu deities are the first that come to your mind. Indian priests and yogis have claimed for centuries that they have mastered this power.

Research about it

Levitation is a subject to many types of studies and experiments, and there is a lot of information about it.  There is research by the team of the University of St. Andrews that has incredible levitation effects. They say they have done this by redirecting the force of nature responsible for keeping objects together. They claim that this could be revolutionary because it could help build micro machines with parts that levitate. But could also be applied to levitate bigger objects, including human beings.

Levitation and meditation

According to Indian priest and yogis, the best way to practice levitation is to meditate and use the practice of yoga. In Buddhism, there is a belief that one can lift himself up from the ground, by spiritual meditation. According to Buddhists and other priests, one should learn how to meditate first. However, the use of transcendental meditation is the best choice. To perform levitation one should practice for years, have a lot of patience and discipline.

If you can’t wait for years to learn how to self-levitate, you can always learn how to make the illusion of elevation. There are several tricks to do this, but none of it is the real stuff. However to amaze someone you know it is totally fine to use the illusion trick.

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