Levitation trick revealed, how David Blaine does it

Levitation trick revealed

David Blaine is one of the most famous magicians of all time; his tricks are unbelievable and outstanding. From telepathy and mentalism to telekinesis and levitation. We are going to present you one of his most performed street magic tricks, and that is the levitation trick.

Levitation trick

David walks through the street and stops random people ask them if they would like to see him levitate. Of course, everyone is amazed and wants to see his trick. He starts talking to the person and goes through a short procedure with him so his trick can not be easily revealed.

David: Come here do you feel anything, kind of? (pointing to the spot where he was standing)
Person: Yeah, kind of warmness.
David: Yeah right, ok now stand right there and hold your hands in the air in case I fall. Let me try if I can get off.
David: Watch my feet!

Levitating like David Blaine

Then he does the trick, and the person doesn’t know what to say. David acts like he is having some pain because of the energy he used to do the trick.

So how he does it?

Easy, one of the easiest street tricks. You just need to do everything right and draw the attention of the person. He will not try to spot anything suspicious. In the end, the person is confused and speechless.

The point is to turn your back towards the person you do the trick. You can practice some magician word tricks like David Blaine used in the example above with the spot he was standing on. Then let the person stand around two meters behind you so you can perform the trick. The trick looks something like this.

If you already don’t know the trick or you have never seen it, you are probably questioning yourself how is that possible. I am no magician, and I am the person on the video. If you I used the power of my mind to do this then you are wrong.

Just place your feet one next to another, but one foot slightly in front of the other. Now turn your back around 45 degrees from his view and start levitating, or to precisely say stand on the leg the viewer can not see.



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