Meditation, important to achieve telekinesis


As modern life becomes faster and more stressing, people get over-worked and feel tired. When we are stressed and tired, we become unhappy, disconnected and even angry. Stress also lower our defense and affect our health. Brief exercises of meditation can make a difference in your life. Only fifteen minutes of meditation a day can clear your mind, make it calmer.

The definition

Meditation can be defined as a wide range of practices that consist of techniques performed to promote calmness, improve relaxation, patience, compassion, forgiveness and of course, love. Also helps build life force or chi energy (ki, qi, prana, etc.). Meditation is the practice that can help change the negative thoughts to positive, make the confused mind more organized.

The practice of meditation

The fact that meditation has so many positive benefits is a reason enough to start meditating now. Another reason to start meditation immediately is the fact that while the benefits are great, the costs are close to nothing. So what do you need to start meditating? Most important is for you to believe that you can achieve results, have no doubt about. The other crucial factor is to be persistent and give meditation enough time.

The posture

Posture is of great importance during meditating. You will need to find a good and comfortable seat and have appropriate posture. You can find a good cushion to sit on. When you are starting to meditate, you don’t need to keep your legs in a crossing position, however, it is the best position and I prefer to practice it. The back should always be in a straight position, this is the most important detail of the posture. If you are feeling uncomfortable you can change the posture, but try to keep it as close to this as possible.

The breathing

Once you are feeling comfortable in your sitting position, you can focus on the breathing technique. Start focusing on your breathing, and as you breathe out you imagine how you are exhaling all your negative thoughts. With every breath taken, you are now inhaling grace, beauty, and love in a form of light that blesses your soul and purifies your heart. At the end of the breathing meditation, you should come to the conclusion that you are now purified and have the blessing of the holy.

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