Movies involving telekinetic powers

Movies involving telekinetic powers

One of the articles on our website was about TV series in which telekinetic powers are involved. This Article is about the best movies involving telekinetic powers. There are tons of movies where the main characters have psychokinetic powers, many of them feature famous heroes like Superman, Darth Vader, etc. Here we present you a list of movies where the main characters possess psychokinetic powers.

Chronicle (2012)



Chronicle is an American movie released in 2012. The story was written by Max Landis and directed by Josh Trank. The story involves three high school students, Steve, Matt and his cousin Andrew who was continuously bullied by other classmates. They gained their psychokinetic powers after encountering a big hole in the woods where an unknown strange object was laying. The object was a big blue crystal that was changing its color into shining red from time to time and was giving nosebleeds to the boys.

A few weeks later the trio found out that they have gained telekinetic powers. They start using their powers to prank their schoolmates. But one day Andrew pushed a guy on a motorcycle off the road. The students then make a contract to use their powers only on objects and not on living things. After some time Andrew loses his control and tries to kill hundreds of people, but…

Carrie (1976)



Carrie White is a shy and not very communicative girl which can not adapt to the life of her schoolmates. Everyone in her school thinks she is an odd girl and they always avoid her. Before the prom, one of her fellow students pity her and asks her boyfriend to invite Carrie to the prom. Meanwhile, one of the other girls from her school was kicked out from the prom. She makes a plan to ruin Carrie’s night and humiliate her in front all of her classmates. But what she does not know is that Carrie possess incredible telekinetic power and it is not good to piss her off. Carrie is one of the most famous movies involving telekinetic powers.


The Medusa Touch (1978)


Medusa Touch

Nevertheless, the medusa touch is one of the older movies involving telekinetic powers, it is also one of the best. A story about a famous writer who one night suffered almost deadly injury when someone in his apartment attacked him repeatedly with a hard object on his head. The case was given to a french investigator who, at first thought that Morlar, the victim, is dead, but during the investigation hears him breathing and saved him.

Morlar was urgently transferred to a hospital and connected to a live supporting systems. Doctors there analyzed his brain because of his strange history. Morlar was a witness of many accidents which were almost always ending with someone’s death. The psychologist even thinks that Morlar killed his nanny because he hated her so much. He also killed his parents by pushing their vehicle off a cliff. In time the investigator Brunel starts to suspect that he is the cause of all these mysterious accidents. He starts to chase him and tries to understand, is Morlar doing the accidents on purpose or he just lost control over his telekinetic mind.

Push (2009)



A secret agency is experimenting with different people that possess incredible telekinetic talents. They can move objects with their minds, see the future and change the memories of the people. One of them manages to escape the laboratory and by doing that she threatens the whole agency program. A special team led by agent Carver is sent to catch her. Two other people with talents, little Cassie and Nick unite with her and they together try to resist the agency.

Matilda (1996)



Matilda is an incredibly intelligent child, even before she start school she read all the books from the local library, also she can calculate complex mathematical problems. Even thou no one cares about her existence she is the only one that can oppose the mean and cruel principal of the school. With a little practice, Matilda starts to understand her telekinetic powers and turns the whole school against her.

This was our list of movies involving telekinetic powers, hope you like it.


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