Nina Kulagina, the Russian that was able to do telekinesis

Nina Kulagina Real telekinesis

Nina Kulagina was a Russian woman with an extraordinary talent and incredible psychokinetic power. Her power attracted many scientists, researchers, and people and because of that, she was put under many experiments. Kulagina has appeared in a few black and white movies in which she shows her ability to move different objects on a table without touching them.

Early life of Nina Kulagina

Nina Kulagina was born in 1926. At the age of 14, she joined the Russian army and was serving there during the second world war. She was a housewife when the scientist started to explore her abilities during the 1960s. Her story was amazing and many people accused her talent as a fraud. In studies over the years, she was able to separate egg yolks from whites while water was covering them. Also, she managed to slow down, speed up or completely stop the heart of a frog.

There was always an insurance against these experiments, to prevent interference of any external electromagnetic impulses. The fact that glass boxes were placed over the objects to ensure that no external forces were involved shows how amazing was her ability. Many people were against her during her whole life. Many also tried to reveal and prove that everything she is doing is a fraud. At that time, no resources, advanced technology or any methods were familiar to create such tricks.

It is very interesting to watch her how she tries to move the objects because she was using an enormous amount of energy to move the objects just a little. Kulagina said that her ability requires a period of meditating to clear her mind before being able to move an object. She was feeling acute back pain and blurred vision during the time she was focusing on the objects.


There are many similar cases like Kulagina, but she is the most famous. Every one of us has this ability, but people are not even aware of this phenomenon. All of the people that can do telekinesis have something in common, and that is Meditation.

One of the main things that keep people away from the opportunity to demonstrate these capabilities is the belief that is not possible. How can you experience something that is impossible?

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