Real cases of people with psychic powers

Real cases of people with psychic powers

Here, as the subject of this article is people with psychic powers, we will list few people with these abilities. Even from a distant past, people believed that psychic powers are real. In many cases, society accused people with such powers. In medieval times people believed in the existence of witches and most often this were young girls and women in general. There was a belief that they can read the minds of others and cause trouble, create storms and control the weather etc.
Today there are many who claim they can enter the minds of other people and foresee the future. Indian priests and Buddhists claim that levitation is easily achievable. Others claim that they can walk on water. But are all of these claims real, can we achieve telepathic abilities? We will try to answer this question by listing few real cases of people possessing psychic powers.

Nandana Unnikrishnan

Nandana Unnikrishnan is a young Indian girl. She is an autistic. When it comes to autism, besides the problems of the condition, often those with autism develop some amazing abilities and talents. When it comes to Nandana Unnikrishnan it is telepathy.


Her parents realized this when in many situations she has spoken the thoughts of her parents before they have said anything. She has attracted the attention of Dr.Darold A.Treffert, who says that her case is very convincing. Many different tests and experiments were made and in one of them, Nandana and her mother were in separate rooms. A random six digit number was given to the mother to see it, then Nandana was told to write it down. Even though she was in another room, she did it accurately to the last digit. This case according to the doctor is very interesting and promising and he has encouraged the family to do more testing. Can it be that Nandana is a real-life Professor X? Will her abilities become stronger?

Dr. Polgar

Another case of a telepathic power is the one that Dr.Polgar had. He was a lieutenant in the Hungarian army and in one unfortunate accident, he became a victim of an explosion where he went unconscious. Until then he had no special gift or ability. But when he woke up, he woke up with the ability to read the minds of other people. He was reading the minds of the doctors and the nurses in the hospital and brought upon himself the attention of scientists and psychologists. The results from the tests and the experiments were very promising and convincing.

Uri Geller

Uri Geller was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1946. He is now famous illusionist, television star and according to him a psychic. From the age of three, he has shown some ability to bend metal spoons with the power of thought. He can also move objects with thoughts and can bend keys or any other metal object with the power of the mind or only by touching them. He has been tested at Stanford Research Institute in California, and the tests were also very convincing. The CIA reports have included Uri as the spoon bender. CIA have a record of people with psychic powers; one of them is the next we present to you.

An old retired man coming from Malaysia named Liew Thow Lin became popular when he pulled a car from a distance only with the power of his mind. His power works on metal, so he is known as the Magnetic man. His case is very similar to the one of the above mention Uri Geller.

Zhang Baosheng

Zhang Baosheng was involved in a series of experiments performed by a scientist at Beijing Teacher’s College. These experiments include pieces of paper placed in a closed and sealed tube. After few minutes from the start of the experiment, the papers appeared outside of the tube. There were no signs of damage on the tube and the seal was still there.

He could do this with other smaller objects. He could do the same with watches, other small objects, even with insects. According to these experiments, he was able to perform teleportation of small objects with the power of thought. Another similar case also recorded in the files of the CIA is the case of a Chinese woman Chulin Sun.

Chulin Sun

Chulin Sun is remarkable because of her use of the qi energy. She is a woman with a very rare gift. She has developed this gift by the practice of Waiqi. Waiqi is a type of qigong and qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that involves many different activities, such as postures, breathing methods, focus, and concentration etc. Waiqi as a part of the qigong teaches you how to bring the qi energy under the control of the mind. By mastering the Waiqi she has developed the ability to make some seeds germinate and grow very, very fast. She can make a seed grow, from a seed to plant in 20 minutes, grow roots and branches only with the power of her thoughts. She has done this experiment over 200 times in front of scientists and in universities.

Nina Kulagina

Nina Kulagina was a Russian woman with an extraordinary talent and incredible psychokinetic power. Therefore, she went through many experiments because her power attracted many scientists, researchers, and people. Kulagina has appeared in a few black and white movies in which she shows her ability to move different objects on a table without touching them. There are many more cases of psychic powers in humans. Some of these cases are very convincing and real. There is also the gruesome case of spontaneous human combustion, in which people create really high temperature which eventually burns them to ash. The places where people live somehow influence the psychic powers.

In some regions, telekinesis is possible to appear and different forms of it appear in different regions. In Asia because of its long and distant learning of the human energy, the qi, chi, ki etc. it is more common to appear. But wherever you are, if you are willing to achieve some kind of real telekinesis, try it harder and motivate yourself with this cases of real psychic powers in humans.

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