Many people claim they can lift or move objects without any physical contact or only by the use of their mind. But can they really do this? Psychokinesis is amazing, and people say they can move a pencil, a coin or even a door. While we can’t see it often, in reality, psychokinesis has been a very popular subject in movies.

Psychokinesis in movies

Paranormal activities are the subject of science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. Even if you are not a fan of there genres you have for surely seen at least a few movies that include psychokinesis, telekinesis, levitation, etc. Superhero movies including such abilities are now blockbusters. Today Marvel and DC Universe have popularized this phenomenon a lot. Superman, Dr. Strange, Jean Grey, Raven are just a few of the superheroes that possess such powers. But what we really want to know is if we can have them?

Psychokinesis and science

So, are only superheroes gifted with such phenomena? This is what the scientists are trying to prove and understand in the last few decades. There was a project by the Dr. Robert G. Jahn at the Princeton University to measure the impact of the human mind. The Project is called Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) and the instruments used are machines called Random Event Generators. The project tested how the human mind affects the results of the machine and if the mind has any impact on the result. The goal of the project was to collect data rather than to see the participants lifting objects.

Another scientist also working at PEAR made the testing of a group of individuals, not only on a single individual. The results were not very promising in the beginning until some rare event happens. If the same test is made after a global event such as 9/11 or even before holidays such as Christmas or other celebrations, the graphs showing the activity of the mind would change rapidly.

Is it real?

Although many may say that this proves nothing, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research PEAR shows good results and it is a good base for further exploration. The project included more the 70 scientists, and it is the longest running experiment on any paranormal activity. The effects of the project were very real, but the problem is that it is hard for the scientists to determine what the results actually mean.
Maybe one day, if the research and the experiments continue, men could have the fate of Clark Kent or, hopefully not, become Darth Vader.

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