Pyrokinesis, can we control fire?


The ability to create and to control fire with the power of the mind is known as pyrokinesis. It is an ability that we have seen in the heroes of the X-men film series, as well in the movie Suicide Squad. But are there any people how can control fire and can this mastery be learned? First, let’s see if there are cases of fire controlling people in the world.

Suspicious cases of pyrokinesis

There was a case of a girl in the Philippines that could predict fires and even that she could start a fire only by mention it. A girl from Vietnam at the age of 11 that could set objects on fire without any physical action. There are many other similar cases around the world. Among the most mysterious cases are the cases of spontaneous human combustion.

Spontaneous human combustion

In these cases people burn for a few seconds, the fire that occurs is from an unknown origin, and only ashes remain after it is gone. During the brief period of Spontaneous combustion, the temperature of the flame in the bodies reaches up to 3000 degrees. There are many cases of human combustion, and no one can explain the true origin of the fire. Maybe these are the victims of pyrokinesis. So is pyrokinesis a gift or a curse?

The practice of pyrokinesis

An old proverb says that fire is a good servant but a bad master. The practice of pyrokinesis can be very dangerous and not just to you, but also to those around you. If you decide to try to control the fire, you should keep your mind relaxed and calm. The most important thing is to focus on the fire and what do you desire the fire to do.
If you are willing to test your abilities to control fire, you need to light a candle in a room where there are no air currents. Once you have sealed a room from air flows, and only then you can try to make a connection with the flame. Close your eyes and keep visualizing the flame, now open your eyes and try to move it. If you keep trying, eventually you may have success in moving it.

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