Telekinesis concentration exercises

Telekinesis Concentration exercises

One of the most important factors in achieving telekinesis is mastering your concentration. With these telekinesis concentration exercises you can improve your concentration abilities will surely get you closer to achieving telekinesis. Good concentration is also very good for your everyday life and workplace. While many people think they can concentrate and have no need of extra time in concentration training they are wrong. With the modern world and all the noise and rushing, and the many problems we have, we just can’t relax enough and concentrate.
If you can go somewhere remote, especially in nature, and relax, try not to think anything and then try to focus and concentrate on one thought for a few minutes. This is also important, not for concentration only, but also for the general physical and mental health.

Telekinesis concentration exercises – The dot

Concentration exercise - the dot

There is a simple concentration exercise that we are going to explain here. There is no need of any complicated equipment for this exercise. You only need a pencil and a piece of paper. In the middle of the paper write a dot, and on the two sides of the dot at a few centimeters write two circles of the same size. Fill these circles with different colors. Now you have all you need for this exercise. You can also use a clock, to know how long have you been concentrating. Before the start of the exercise, you can relax a little, you can also meditate.
The idea of the exercise is to concentrate on the little dot between the circles as long as you can. At first, it may be difficult and boring, but with time you will find this is much easier than you thought it was at the beginning. If you master this exercise you will be able to stare at the dot and lose any thought, the time will fly very fast. While the exercise lasts, and you are concentrating on the dot, you may see auras and movement in the circles, but you must keep on concentrating on the dot.

Telekinesis concentration exercises – The picture

Concentration exercise - the flower

In this exercise, you are concentrating on a picture. You can choose a picture you think it will suits you good. We will make a short description of the exercise with a picture of a flower. Once you have chosen the picture of the flower, you can start the exercise. Of course same as the previous exercise you can always relax before starting the concentration exercise, you can also meditate.
This is also a simple exercise; you just focus on the picture of the flower and start to concentrate. You should start to feel like the flower, only by staring at it. Start to move around the flower, is the flower smooth or not, move up and down the flower. You can eventually start to smell the flower. When you have finished the exercise you should be feeling relaxed and full of energy. Practice this exercise once a week if you have the time for it. You should do it at least for 20 minutes, but doing It longer is better.

Telekinesis concentration exercises – A piece of paper

Concentration exercise - a piece of paper

This is also an exercise that requires no equipment. It is a simple exercise very similar to the previous telekinesis concentration exercises. All you need is a colored piece of paper in the shape you want, it can be circle, square, triangle or even formless piece of paper. You should fasten it with a tape on a wall in front of you. The paper should not be high or low. You should do this seated in a relaxed position. The exercise requires to concentrate on the paper and lose your thought. Do this for 3 – 4 minutes for start and then you can try more.
There are much more telekinesis concentration exercises you can do, but more of them are very similar. Whatever you decide to exercise, do it regularly and don’t give up.

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