Simple telekinesis test, are you a natural psychic?

telekinesis test

This is a simple telekinesis test that will help you to realize whether you possess this incredible ability. The test is really simple to do, you do not need to worry about any unusual tools. What you need is patience. It is about the possibility to figure out heads or tails when you toss a coin. Under normal conditions, when you toss a coin one hundred times, the outcome ought to be 50:50. The outcome of one hundred throws is not always precisely accurate, but if you toss it 500 times, the results will be with only 5% deviation. The more throws you do the percent decreases, even on 5000 throws it is normal to have a deviation of 2%. If you own telekinetic ability, you’ll be able to change the outcome. This telekinesis test is practiced by many researchers that study telekinetic powers.

What do you need to be able to do the test?

You need a coin, not too big, not too small and it should not be too light. It is good if you can find new coin without too many scratches. If it is too light, the percentage of statistical deviations will be higher. One hundred throws are required, 50 times with heads up and 50 times with tails up, because that can affect the outcome.

You need a quiet place, relatively peaceful and without strong lighting. You must have the perfect conditions so you can concentrate! Take a paper and split it in half, write on the left side heads and on the right side tails. You know why you need this? Because you need accurate and quick registration without distracting your attention!

Begin the telekinesis test

Sit back, put a blanket or other soft material in front of you to avoid rattling the coin on the ground. Free yourself and dispose of all the anxiety. Don’t think of anything, if you can not concentrate do not even try to begin the telekinesis test. Your mood should be as cheerful as possible. You need to feel healthy.

Start with warm up. Toss the coin few times to get with it. You need to become one with the coin. Begin to toss the coin, not very high, up to your eyes level, so you can track it all the time.¬† Do it 100 times as a warm up, no matter whether heads or tails up. Always keep the coin near to your hand. Choose a moment when you begin to focus on the coin, think about the side you want it. While the coin spins in the air, imagine the side you want. At one point – you will feel it – and say to yourself, “Now!”. Then start to count the throws.

How to understand the experiment?

Every time you throw the coin in the air you need to visualize the path of the coin and with the power of your imagination you need to command the coin to pick only the side you want.
Imagine that this coin is a part of you, part of your consciousness, the coin is obliged to fulfill your wish! You need to treat to the coin as a living thing, if it is heads and heads is the side you want it, you should praise the coin. Say, great job. Do not laugh at the coin and think of it like you have won something. That way you increase your confidence and empower your telekinetic ability.

Write down the results of all the throws you have done. At some point, while throwing, begin to count the number of tosses you have left to complete 100 throws. After exactly 100 throws the experiment is done. It is better to make at least three attempts to do the experiment more precisely, that makes a total of 300 tosses. If from 100 throws you have 60 hits, that does not mean that you have a special ability, but 62 or more shows that you have some telekinetic abilities.
Now you need to retest yourself. Change the coin and the location of the experiment, if you still get 62 or more than 65 wins, the probability of you having this ability is quite high.

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