Telekinesis training, best techniques explained

Telekinesis training

We have already explained how the process happens and the many different forms of telekinesis. Also, we have spoken of how to train telekinesis, but learning how to do telekinesis is never enough, so here we present a new article on telekinesis training.

Telekinesis training basics

When it comes to training telekinesis, the most important part of it is the concentration. Those who have deeper concentration, achieve telekinesis sooner. Those who can easily focus and concentrate will see the results of their telekinesis training faster than those who lose their concentration fast. So now that you know that concentration plays a big role in telekinesis training, you can start developing your concentration abilities. There are many ways to improve focus and concentration, starting from improving your diet and lifestyle. Doing light exercise also improves your concentration. Meditation and yoga training are probably the best exercises to help your telekinetic powers. Doing exercises that help your concentration improve daily is the best way to start your telekinesis training.

Another factor that is important is relaxation. In order to achieve some results, you must be relaxed. We mentioned above that meditation is good for concentration, but meditation is also good for relaxation. When you are meditating you are cleansing your mind, so you relax and improve concentration. This will help in your telekinesis training. Another very important factor is to believe that you can achieve your goal. Your mind must be programmed and set to believe that you can achieve telekinesis. You also must be patient; some will achieve telekinesis sooner than others.
Practice telekinetic powers and mind focus daily. This is the only way to achieve results, but you must be patient, believe and do a lot of practice. Doing exercises for 15 minutes a day or more is the best way to start your telekinesis training.

Telekinesis Training Exercises

Now that we have explained the basics, we can go further and start the actual telekinesis training. If you decide to train to move an object, you should start with a light object. You can make a psi wheel. Psi wheel is made by cutting paper in a square and fold it diagonally, vertically and horizontally, then place the paper on a needle, toothpick or another sharp object. Once you have done your psi wheel, you can start your training. First, meditate a little, concentrate and relax. Take a look at your psi wheel and try to remember it well. Achieve connection with the object. Now you are ready to try to move it, you will actually try to make it spin.

After some practice, you will be able to spin the wheel. Another exercise with psi wheel, for more advanced trainees, is adding a glass jar over the psi wheel to avoid air flow. Psi wheel is a good way to practice, but you can also practice with other objects, such as a pencil or any other object you think is good to practice. You should practice with your eyes open or closed, the way you think is better for you.

Telekinesis Training with your hands

Another telekinesis exercise is forming a psi ball; this is a ball of energy that you create between your hands. If you rub your hand together you will feel the energy between them, then concentrate on what you feel with your hands. You can move your hands and expanded or decrease the ball of energy. You can make it cold or warm.

Other forms of telekinesis training

There are many other forms of practice you can do, such as moving objects in a glass of water (note that this is a form of telekinesis, not hydrokinesis). A cork is put in a glass of water and you will try to move it with the power of your mind.
Moving a pendulum is also good exercise, a pendulum is an object, like a key, tied on a string and hanging.
Another form of training is flame bending. You should light a candle and concentrate on moving the flame of the candle. The flame bending, the pendulums, the cork in the glass of water, all of these exercises require a lot of practice and patience. If you do enough practice you will see results.

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