Telepathy, what it is?


Telepathy is the transmission of thoughts and information from one person or a group of persons to another without the use of our sensory channels or physical contact. We can also say that it is the communication between two person’s minds, without the use of our senses, even at great distances.

Telepathy in everyday situations

Telepathy is probably one of the most common paranormal ability. You have surely experienced it or at least something very similar. Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t seen a long time, and he or she suddenly visits you or calls you? Or it has surely happened to you to say the same thing at the same time with someone close to you. It is more usual to occur between relatives, especially between twins. Of course, this is not scientifically proven.

The practice

If what was mentioned above has somehow intrigued you, and you are willing to experience something more fun and extraordinary, then read on. The process of sending information to the mind requires a sender and receiver. It is of great importance that if you try to send information to someone, to believe in it, the receiver should also have an open mind.


The process of meditation is crucial, especially when we speak of telepathy. Only calm and relaxed mind can focus better on sending a message. The receiver should also be calm and have a relaxed mind. According to some if you try to communicate through the mind it is much better if you keep your eyes closed. Stretching and exercise are also a good way to relax and focus on your thoughts.

How to send a message with telepathic communication?

Once you have chosen a partner with whom you will practice, you can decide who will be the sender and who will be the receiver. Meditate and relax. You can sit in a dark room, close your eyes, and visualize the thought you will be sending. At this moment try and send the thought to the partner, desire it.
As with many other activities, repetition is the key to success. Even in the easiest challenges, we have in our lives if we have no experience we will fail. So it is important that if you want to see any result to continue practicing it.

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