Special abilities to manipulate nature

special abilities to manipulate nature
Besides the already well-known telekinesis and telepathy, psychokinesis consists of many other special abilities. These abilities are especially well explored in the cinema. In this article, we shall see some of the coolest skills associated with the power of the mind. These powers are elemental or environmental powers.


Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate with the air and the wind. One who possesses such ability can create wind current, control air molecules, change temperature, etc.  Aerokinesis is an ability that can create hurricanes, tornados and also destroy them. You can achieve the ability to control the air to some extent, meditation and continuous practice are the best ways to see some results.


Cryokinesis is the ability to control the ice and the cold. It is an ability that reduces the temperature to the point of freezing and then generates and control ice. Although this is also a psychokinetic ability, sometimes it happens only when a finger touches an object.  Cryokinetics usually are people who live around the equator. However, they appear much more in the movies than in reality. You surely remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman & Robin or Queen Elsa in the animated movie Frozen. Sub-Zero is one of the most popular video games characters that can manipulate ice.


Hydrokinetics can manipulate and generate water and moisture. This ability is similar to the previous one, the cryokinesis. Probably those who have mastered the control of ice also can control water and moisture. The average percentage of water in the human body varies from 50 to 65 %. Because of the fact that our body is mostly composed of water, we can easily learn how to manipulate and shape water. If you want to try your hydrokinetic powers you can, this is what you should do. Take a bowl filled with water, put it in front of you. Close your eyes and relax, meditate a little. Open your eyes, try to connect with the water. Once you have done all preparations, you can try to bend the water using only your mind. Remember that this requires a lot of patience and practice.

Other psychokinetic elemental powers

Other psychokinetic elemental powers include electrokinesis or electrical manipulation, or abilities to control electrical currents.  Zoopathy is the ability to control and communicate with the fauna, animals birds, etc. Terrakinesis controls earth and stone, create earthquakes and cracks.  Weather control is the ability to the weather create storms, rain, and other weather conditions. Pyrokinesis is the ability to control fire.

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