Top 3 TV Series with superheroes possessing telekinetic powers

Top 3 TV Series with superheroes possessing telekinetic powers

In recent times superheroes are one of the most popular genres in the movies and TV series. As we have mentioned in other articles there are a lot of superheroes possessing telekinetic powers. We can see superpowers like telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis etc are introduced in movies and TV series more and more often. This is why we have decided to make our top 3 series involving psychokinetic powers and abilities; you can find more series connected with this genre, but we present you what we think is the best for you.



Heroes TV series


“Heroes” are fantasy, sci-fi TV series, where common people realize they possess strange abilities. The use of super powers in the series is at a high level, there is a lot of action and special effects that present the powers in an extraordinary way, also the storyline is very good. When it comes to psychokinetic powers here we can see everything. There is a telepathy guy and there is the terra kinesis guy, which creates devastating earthquakes. You can see guys and girls controlling fire and ice water and the wind etc.



Misfits tv series


While Heroes is a more of a Hollywood series, Misfits is kinda realistic teenage series. In Misfits after a huge storm, a group of British teenagers is struck by lightning and they develop superpowers. The series involve a lot of comedy and sarcasm. Powers like telepathy and mind reading are also part of the series.



Lucifer TV series


“Lucifer” is about the devil taking the form of a man. He takes residence in Los Angeles where he is an owner of a night club. Lucifer has the ability to read people’s desires and thoughts, he has a telepathic power. After an incident in his club, he meets an LAPD cop and starts to work with her as a consultant. During the investigations, he is using his telepathic ability to understand the truth.

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