What is Micro-Psychokinesis?


Micro-psychokinesis is part of the psychokinesis (PK) that deals with the influence on events only with the use of the mind, the effects of micro-PK can only be detected by statistics and math. Examples are the outcome of the ball in a roulette game, the outcome of a dice and similar. So micro-PK is not about moving objects or rearranging rooms. It is about changing of probabilities, manipulating the course of the events that are occurring.

Research on micro-psychokinesis

There has been a lot of research going in the field of micro-psychokinesis. The most effective way is through different experiments using instruments with magnetic fields or machines with random generators. Ingo Swann is a psychic, which has been tested in multiple experiments. It is proven to have an effect on the results of the experiments. Another subject of experiments was Nelya Mikhailova. Dr, Genady Sergeyev, who was conducting the experiments, discovered that Nelya was able to produce electrical energy with her mind. She could also perform other microkinetic tasks. Through the years many have tried an experiment with a dice throwing machine and a subject that manipulates the dice. The results from this experiments were not very convincing.

How to practice it

The practice of micro-PK requires a lot of patience and practice. It is always of great importance to greatly desire the outcome of the event you try to manipulate. Another important factor is to be calm and relaxed because if you get all excited, you cannot concentrate and you will fail. Exercises that are good include: manipulating the outcome of a coin you flip or manipulating the outcome of a rolling dice. There is another good practice, and it is card picking. Try to think of a card you want to pick, start with red or black, once you achieve this; you can try harder exercises. Therefore if you practice enough, try it on a daily basis, you can eventually see some results and enjoy them.

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